HULFT will provide OpenJDK in HULFT Integrate. The included Java will be using any of the distributions (such as AdoptOpenJDK) with Long Term Support: LTS.

Java Distribution

The current version of HULFT Integrate is built on top of Oracle JDK 8. As Oracle has ended public updates, HULFT will be shifting to AdoptOpenJDK 8.

A new HULFT Integrate version, built on the AdoptOpenJDK platform, will be released in Q1 2020.

Future Releases

HULFT Integrate is on an 18-month release schedule. Each future release will be built upon the latest AdoptOpenJDK LTS version available at the time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is AdoptOpenJDK?
A. AdoptOpenJDK is an open, community-led initiative that provides free, pre-built binaries of the Java platform. Its members and developers include Azul, Amazon, GoDaddy, IBM, jClarity (acquired by Microsoft), Microsoft, New Relic, Pivotal and Red Hat. 

Q. When will the AdoptOpenJDK version of HULFT Integrate be released?
A. The estimated release date is February 2020. An email will be sent out to our customers when the release is ready.

Q. How do I upgrade?
A. When it is released, HULFT will provide a new install package for users to download.

Q. Am I required to upgrade?
A. No, it will not be required at this time. HULFT will continue to support both versions.

December 13, 2019